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Scheduled Service and Private Luxury Transportation Reservation Portal

Shuttle Express offers quality discounted scheduled service and 10% savings on any Private Sedan/Limo Service
for all your transportation needs, 24 hours a day.

Schedule Hotel Service: Offers the lowest per person one-way fare between Sea-Tac Airport
and the Hyatt Regency-Bellevue.

Booking online is easy. Enter your travel information and then print out your boarding pass to give to your driver.
You may also contact our reservation center at (425) 981-7000 and refer profile ID number 359181.
For hourly or non-airport service, please contact us at 425-981-7000.

For sedan and limo service, we meet you in baggage claim and handle your luggage.
For private van and share ride service, check in at our airport location.
Click here to see how to find Shuttle Express at SeaTac Airport.

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DEPARTING to an airport (or cruise or train terminal).



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Service Update

Share Ride Airport Pickups - Spend a little Time, Save a lot of Money!

Service from the airport is On Demand, so after you’ve collected your luggage and you’re ready to go, check in at our Guest Service Desk to activate your pre-paid ticket. We are located in the center of the 3rd floor of the airport parking garage (from baggage claim, cross skybridge 3 or 4 to the parking garage, go down to the third floor; we’re in the Ground Transportation Plaza).

Frequent Rider

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